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QHY 183 MC

QHY 183 MC
899,00 CHF each

The QHY183M and QHY183C use a 1-inch SONY back-illuminated IMX183 sensor with 20.48 million pixels at 2.4um. This sensor has high sensitivity with 84% QE and a read noise as low as one electron. The full well capacity is 15 - 16,000 electrons. Two-stage cooling yields -40C cooling delta. Because of the small pixels, high QE, good sensor size and the cooled design. The QHY183M/C is suitable for both DSO imaging and planetary imaging. And with the affordable price this camera is idea for both beginner and experienced astronomy photographer. Been selected as S&T magazine 2017 hot product and Astronomy magazine 2018 star product

Brand URL : https://www.qhyccd.com/

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