NGC 281 or Pacman Nebula

NGC 281, or Pacman Nebula, in Cassiopea, taken from Lachen, not in a perfect night,
As usual in Lachen I set my Telescope in a car park place in Nuolen. I think is a Bortle 4/5 Sky.
I took 80 ea. subs of 180 s each so four hours of integration time.
I m pretty happy with the results.
I used my refractor 60mm / 360mm  with Flattner 1x on a heavely modified EQ3 Synscan, one day Ill put on my site 
a kind of mods process for this mount. I get quite decent guiding  around 1" Total RMS using PHD2.
80 Lights frames 180s
35 Darks
40 Flats
100 Bias
Mount: EQ3
Scope: TS 60/360mm
Camera: ASI 533
Software:N.I.N.A and PHD2 for guiding (QHY5II L m)
Filter: Optolong L-Extreme
PP in Pixinsight

Timothy Prospero

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