Messier 63, The Sunflower 🌻 Galaxy

The Sunflower 🌻 Galaxy (M63 or NGC 5055), is a spiral galaxy visible in the boreal constellation of the Hunting Dogs; it was discovered in 1779 by Pierre Méchain, a colleague and friend of Messier, who collaborated in drawing up the famous catalogue.
The Sunflower galaxy is a spiral of the type Sb or Sc, which shows an irregular spiral pattern; it apparently seems to form a physical group with the Pinwheel Galaxy, the Whirlpool Galaxy and many other minor galaxies; it could belong to the Group of M101 (subgroup of M51). The proper name Sunflower is due to the very large number of spiral segments surrounding the nucleus, well wrapped around it and pervaded by a large number of interstellar dust clouds; the total mass of the galaxy would be between 80 and 140 billion solar masses, with a diameter of 90000 light-years, that is similar to that of our Milky Way. Its distance is estimated at 37 million light years and it is moving away from us at a speed of 580 km/s.

In May 1971, a type Ia supernova was observed between its arms, reaching an apparent magnitude of 11.8.

I took 173 x Lights Frames of 180s each, in the Wägital region, took me 3 nights to reach ~9 hours of data.
I used N.I.N.A as acquiring software and PHD2 for guiding, two great pieces of free software...
Than I used Pixinsight to process all the calibration data, which is composed by the 173 Lights frames, 100 Dark frames, 50 Flats and 50 Dark flats.
Ok if you are not familiar with Astrophotography all those info probably make no sense for not worry...😅😅👍👍
If you are interested in learning Astrophotography you can find a lot of information I YouTube or in the WWW...and of course on Paper book as well..😀😀
Still a big margin of improvement but I'm happy...with...
My Equipment:
📡 Skywatcher EQ6-R Mount
📷 ZWO ASI 533MC Camera
🔭 TS-Optics RC 6" F/9 Scope 1370mm
📹 ZWO ASI 120 mini Guide Camera
🔭 60mm/240mm Guide Scope
💻 N.I.N.A & PHD2 Software during Acquiring
🖥  Pixinsight & PS for Post Processing
Wehre to buy stuff:
Acquiring, Guiding ad PP Software:
Sky Charts:

Timothy Prospero

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