Pacman Nebula
NGC 281, or Pacman Nebula, in Cassiopea, taken from Lachen, not in a perfect night,
As usual in Lachen I set my Telescope in a car park place in Nuolen. I think is a Bortle 4/5 Sky.
I took 80 ea. subs of 180 s each so four hours of integration time.
I m pretty happy with the results.
I used my refractor 60mm / 360mm  with Flattner 1x on a heavely modified EQ3 Synscan, one day Ill put on my site 
a kind of mods process for this mount. I get quite decent guiding  around 1" Total RMS using PHD2.
80 Lights frames 180s
35 Darks
40 Flats
100 Bias
Mount: EQ3
Scope: TS 60/360mm
Camera: ASI 533
Software:N.I.N.A and PHD2 for guiding (QHY5II L m)
Filter: Optolong L-Extreme
PP in Pixinsight

How many times have I looked up at the night sky?
Many, as a child I was fascinated by all those stars shining in the sky, then always curious, I learned to know the constellations and some deep-sky objects, one of all the Orion Nebula (M42) ....


Set up for this picture:


Camera: Fujifilm X-T4

Tripod: China Made 

Lens: Samyang 12 mm F2 @ F2.8

ISO 1600

Exp: 13 sec.




Ciao a tutti, da tempo sono appassionato di astronomia e in particolar modo all' astro fotografia.

Sono un principiante, diaciamo non alle prime armi ma quasi, sulla rete si trovano svariati forum e blog etc etc per imparare per migliorarsi.

Uno di questi e quello di Trevor o meglio la sua pagina

Sul sito di Trevor trovate molte infomazioni molto utili per l' astrofotografia, visitatelo ne vale la pena.

Vi allego una foto di Andromeda (M31) ripresa da Trevor ma elaborata da me un DeepSkyStaker e Photoshop.

Trevor sul suo sito ha pubblicato diverse sue astrofoto in RGB o RAW file, dove potete sperimentare il fotoritocco o meglio la creazione finale.


Qui il mio modo di vedere Andromeda.... che ne pensate ? 


Andromeda M31

Il cielo è sempre coperto da nuvole, passerranno ovvimante... ma nel frattempo ?


Bhe qualche possibilita di astrophotografia ci sono, senza nemmeno uscire di casa, dal proprio giardino!


E come ? eh si con, si ha la possibilita di avere immagini fatte con i loro telescopi, locati in  diverse parti del mondo !!


Come funziona ? bhe dai un occhiata al sito e scoprirai come !


Nel frattempo ho lavorato sulla Nebulosa Rosetta..che ne pensi ? (vedi sopra o sotto)


Rosetta Nebula



I know, there where the moon, the sky from my place was covered by fog/clouds....

But i wanted to try anyway... So we decided (with my girlfriend) to go a bit higher, so we went up to Chrüz, above Flumsberg (~1600m) .

There bum, the Sky was fantastic, but with the moon....and something that honestly I didn't though about....the snow cannon.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😵😵

So we tried out best to find a place away from those cannons and snow powder...

I shoot some pictures with my Fujifilm XT4 and a 16/80mm F/4 lens (not the best for astrophotography) but is what I have...

I set the camera at 16mm F/4 and the controller @ 10x 15" interval 40"

Not sure if it was the cold (around -10°C) but I didn't reach what I wanted to do, so I had some issue with the Camera or with the remote.

I was not able to take the pictures as "programmed on the Remote" I leaved also 40" interval btw each picture, so the XT4 has time to elaborate the images...

but none, some time was 15" of SS sometimes 10"SS etc..etc... 

So im still try to figure-out what was causing the problem...

May be the cold was interfering with the remote ? or with the camera?

So I saw in internet people using the same camera at lower i doubt that the issue came from the remote...

Let see next time.. here below some pictures. (not really nice).




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